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Podcast Episode 146 :- UK Police, Dorset Police, Canada Post, Klarna, EU agents, Irish Government, GDPR 3rd Birthday, EU Parliament, Bose, Equifax, Fujitsu, Five Dutch cities

Podcast Episode 145 :- NHS data grab, Postbox theft, Matt Hancock, MyHome.ie, Air India, Microsoft EU, UK GDPR Adequate Countries, First Court Approval CCPA

Podcast Episode 144 :- US Fuel Pipeline, Irish Health Service, Whatsapp, Hamburg DPA, EU Agent, Brent Council, Covid-19, Data Worth, Software Bill of Materials, Market Research

Podcast Episode 143 :- Amazon, Disqus, Third Party Plugins, Covid19 GDPR breach, Guinness, Excel, Google, ICO SCC, UK Home Office, Home Working, PayPal, Chorley, Brevard School, Kazakhstan

Podcast Episode 142 :- Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates, HMRC, Croydon, Reverb, DigitalOcean, Click Studio, Sinn Fein, DPC, Enschede, TikTok, GDPR Article 15, Passport storage

Podcast Episode 141 :- Covid-19, ICO, Extra-territorial scope, Facebook, Sinn Fein, Dominos Pizza India, Parkmobile, Geiko, Eversource, Bank of Montreal CIBC, US State Data Protection laws

Podcast Episode 140 :- EU-UK Data Adequacy, Covid-19, DPC Facebook, Estate Agents, Uber, Android, iOS, Legal Obligation, Artificial Intelligence, Manhunt, Spotless

Podcast Episode 139 :- Vaccine Passports, EU Adequacy, Facebook, LinkedIn, NHS Scotland, US Universities, Employee DSAR, Dubai, CCPA and GDPR anonymised data

Podcast Episode 138 :- Pubs after Covid, Vaccine Passports, DPIA mandatory, Age Appropriate, Booking.com, Arup, Ubiquiti, Mobikwik, Solicitor escapes ban after data breach

Podcast Episode 137 :- BA digital vaccination passports, EU UK Adequacy, Fatface, Shell, Israel, Ireland Dept for Children, Transform Hospital Group, Apple, DSAR impersonation, Data breach or not, Credential stuffing, Charities, GDPR New Normal

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