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Podcast Episode 201 :- UK Data Reform Bill, Shoprite, Eye Care Leaders, Schneck, TikTok, Kaiser Permanente, Desjardins, Lake Charles Sherriff's Office

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 200 :- Exclusive interview with UK No1 Motivational Business Speaker Brad Burton

Podcast Episode 199 - ICO, Comstar Ambulance, Capital One, Shields Healthcare, Aesto Healthcare, AON plc, Ian Martin Group, Pyramid Consulting Group, Ondeck, Pegasus Airlines, Private Client Services, Daedlus Biologie, SCC

Podcast Episode 198 :- Intuit Quickbooks, Zoom, Petition, Illuminate, Martin University, UK Cyber Attacks, Spirit Super, Capsule, India, GDPR Audit, Africa

Podcast Episode 197 :- Clearview AI, Twitter, UK MOD, PSNI, GDPR delay, Eurovision, General Motors, Max Schrems, CR Edwards, Optoma Technology, East Tennessee, Data Retention, AI, Ios15

Podcast Episode 196 :- Cornwall Council, Worcestershire, States of Jersey, ICCL, RTB, Ukraine DDOS, EDPB penalties, Google NHS, Stateside DPIA, Estate Agents Whatsapp, Google, CISA VMWare, BCS, Elephant, Chicago schools, Dutch pharmacies

Podcast Episode 195 :- Central Bedfordshire, NHS Digital, Nicola Sturgeon, ICO, Costa Rica, Polish DPA, UK Data Reform Bill, Ontario Cannabis Store, AA Traveller, Dis-Chem, India, City of Cincinatti, Optionis Parasol, Greek Transparency

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 194 :- Sixt. University of Essex, Queens Speech, Transport NSW, US DOD, Spanish PM Pegasus, California, Mynurse, Illuminate, Ikea Canada, Google PlayStore, High Court, India, GDPR Plus, Utah, Hungarian AI, CJEU, Google Analytics

Podcast Episode 193 :- Coca Cola, Northern Ireland, British Army, Blackbaud, Meta Facebook, Ola Electric, Far Right, Dutch DPA, GDPR Life Sciences, Daedlus, Github, Translation, Mediant, McDonalds, Bahrain

Podcast Episode 192 :- 10 Downing Street, Funky Pigeon, Manx Care, Saseido, Police Cybersecurity, CNIL, Nikkei Inc, Lapsus T-mobile, BobRedsMills, Mcarther and English, Wawa Mastercard, EDPB, AI Act

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