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Podcast Episode 191 :- UK Home Office, Shiseido UK, Matt Hancock, TikTok, Nestle, Yandex Food, Dutch DPA, Arizona Indiana, Lakeview Loan, Queens University, Conti Panasonic Canada, Ericsson, Newman Regional Health, Maplesoft, ICANN

Podcast Episode 190 :- Mailchimp, The Works, IOW Porn, Snap-on Tools, Bank of Ireland, Caixabank, Danske Bank, University of California, Parker Hannifin, Block CashApp, Microsoft, Horizon Actuarial, Trade Association or SCC

Podcast Episode 189 :- Russia, MOD, NCSC Kapersky, Privacy Shield, MandS, PCI DSS, Anonymous, Oligarchs, CNAM, Canadian Conservatives, Hiscox, Storyblok, Shutterfly, CMG, Globant Lapsus, Breach Cost, New Zealand

Podcast Episode 188 :- Isle of Wight, Scottish Charity, Kinross, Allerdale, John Edwards, Cryptocurrency Hubspot, Amazon, EU Data Security, Orthopaedics, CSI, Liberty of Oklahoma, Lapsus

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 187 :- Kapersky, Rosneft, Russian, Sepa, Strix Group, Cafepress, HM Prison Service, Debbie Reynolds, Greencore, DPC, Garda, Meta

Podcast Episode 186 :- Wightlink, Tuckers Solicitors, LSH Auto, Scenic Group, Dundee City Council, Adafruit, NatWest, INM, Whatsapp, Anonymisation, Clearview AI, Clinical Trials, AI HR, Logan Health, Practicemax

Podcast Episode 185 :- Passwords, Wiper, EU Parliament, Conti. Washington, Nvidia, Samsung, Harbour Plaza, Manongolia, Greek DPA, Grindr, Spanish DPA, Company Takeovers

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 184 :- Ukraine, Hacktivists, Credit Suisse, Redcar and Cleveland, NHS, Scottish Police, Absa, Freedom Convoy, DPC, Deloitte, Australia, Sea Mar, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Google Check, Helen Dixon

Podcast Episode 183 :- Freedom Convoy, Surrey, Northern Ireland, Swissport, A1 Hrvatska, UK SCC, Kronos, NSW, Morley, Internet Society, Greensward, CMA, ICO research, EDPB AI, UK Supreme Court Bloomberg

Podcast Episode 182 :- Meta, FCDO, Google Fonts, CNIL, Optinis Parasol, Whitby High School, Beetle Eye, Puma, Vodafone Portugal, Desjardins, A1 Hrvatska, High Court, Amazon Flexbooker, Inmeriata, Telenor Myanmar, Journalistic Exemption, EU Ombudsman DPC G

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