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Podcast Episode 161 :- UK GDPR Government consultation, Elizabeth Denham, Guntrader, Syracuse University, Dottys, MyRepublic, China PIPL, Turkish data penalties

Podcast Episode 160 :- Whatsapp, Turkish Whatsapp, Telegraph reaction, Havant school, Welsh Government, Australian Insurers, Mesa County Colorado, Dallas Independent Schools, Bangkok Airways, Indonesian Government Covid-19

Podcast Episode 159 :- New UK ICO, Oliver Dowden, NHS data grab, NHS compensation, NI Historical abuse, California State University, SAC Wireless, Singapore, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Apps, T-Mobile

Podcast Episode 158 :- Zoom, ICO Covid-19, T-Mobile, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, ICO Certification, Pearson, Colonial, Blackbaud, Doorstep Dispensaries, ICO SCC Consultation, Gibraltar GDPR

Podcast Episode 157 :- Barclays, Bank of Scotland, RBS, Jack Wills, Deliveroo, Foodinho, Chanel, Waste Management Resources, Senior Advisor, Murata, Standard Contractual Clauses

Podcast Episode 156 :- Isle of Wight, UK High Court DSG Dixons, US Supreme Court, Medical data breach, Limerick Taxi CCTV, University of Kentucky, NHS Highland Covid, Chaos Computer Club, Connecticut new data law, Germany software update

Podcast Episode 155 :- Amazon, TikTok, Whatsapp, Clubhouse, Dr Jacqui Taylor, GDPR AADC, Hackney Council, Northern Ireland Covid-19, German Covid-19, Le Figaro, Maryland Uber, DPA focus, Data Retention, DSAR German Court

Podcast Episode 154 :- Matt Hancock, Dutch Covid19, Irish Covid19, Tokyo 2020, Oxford City Council, National Lottery Community Fund, Guntrader.uk, New Zealand Hospitals, ICO Health Sector Report, CBS Database Review, Belgium Biometrics, Data Rete

Podcast Episode 153 :- Corporation Tax Rebate, Matt Hancock, Spreadshirt.net, North Norfolk, Anglesey, GP Pensions, EDPB Facebook Whatsapp, Mint Mobile, Canon, Guess, Forefront Dermatology

Podcast Episode 152 :- Kayesa, Classic Football Shirts, British Airways, Covid 19 Vaccinations, Mermaids, King of Spain, QSure, Morgan Stanley, PC magazine, German Facebook, Colorado, Federal Data Law, Deceased people and GDPR

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