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Podcast Episode 151 :- UK GDPR adequacy, Scottish Government, Trafford Council, LinkedIn, Mercedes Benz, Lime VPN, Amsterdam Facebook, Herff Jones

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 150 :- UK GDPR Adequacy, NHS Matt Hancock, EU Representatives, Employee Emails, Personal Data in Car, Technisanct, Abu Dhabi GDPR lookalike

Podcast Episode 149 :- Carnival Cruises, UK Trade Department, Gateley, CakeBox, UK GDPR, South Korea, CJEU Immaterial Damages, CJEU Parallel GDPR investigations, NHS Scotland, Live Facial Recognition, IAB Tech Labs RTB, CVS Health

Podcast Episode 148 :- Fastly, Amazon, NHS, EU SCC, Tunbridge Wells, Belgian state, Liverpool Dr, Passwords, Mcdonalds. Colonial, EA, Dutch court, China Post Mortem, Appeal Court Immigration

Podcast Episode 147 :- Conservative Party, Garda HSE, Tokyo Olympics, Southchurch, Colonial, Air India, High Court EU Agents, Scripps Health, AMT Games, ANZ Business Survey, Senate Social Media Protection, German enforcement, NOYB Cookie War, Cloud Provid

Podcast Episode 146 :- UK Police, Dorset Police, Canada Post, Klarna, EU agents, Irish Government, GDPR 3rd Birthday, EU Parliament, Bose, Equifax, Fujitsu, Five Dutch cities

Podcast Episode 145 :- NHS data grab, Postbox theft, Matt Hancock, MyHome.ie, Air India, Microsoft EU, UK GDPR Adequate Countries, First Court Approval CCPA

Podcast Episode 144 :- US Fuel Pipeline, Irish Health Service, Whatsapp, Hamburg DPA, EU Agent, Brent Council, Covid-19, Data Worth, Software Bill of Materials, Market Research

Podcast Episode 143 :- Amazon, Disqus, Third Party Plugins, Covid19 GDPR breach, Guinness, Excel, Google, ICO SCC, UK Home Office, Home Working, PayPal, Chorley, Brevard School, Kazakhstan

Podcast Episode 142 :- Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates, HMRC, Croydon, Reverb, DigitalOcean, Click Studio, Sinn Fein, DPC, Enschede, TikTok, GDPR Article 15, Passport storage

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