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Podcast Episode 181 :- European Oil, KP Nuts, Sandon School, NHS Trusts, British Council, Norfolk Dates, Winter Olympics, Equifax,IAB Europe, Securitas, Washington, Artech, Hebrew, CNIL, Google, Greece Telecoms, Freedom, EDPB DSAR

Podcast Episode 180 :- Fife, Dublin, Lisbon, Absa, Koons Automotive, DR Donnelly, Data Breaches, UK Higher Education, Cookie cost, Non-Material Damages

Podcast Episode 179 :- UK Ministry of Justice, Gloucester, Red Cross, Pakistan Telecoms, Bonobos, Moncler, Simplify, Warwick, QRS, GDPR issues 2022, Pennsylvania, DPO, GDPR Survey, CNIL, Brussels Appeal, Employee mailboxes

Podcast Episode 178 :- Google Analytics, Meta Class Action, Meta Childrens Code, European Parliament, Lastpass, Whatsapp, Malta, TikTok, Goodwill, Bunnings, Accelion, Transport for New South Wales, Europol, FCC

Podcast Episode 177 :- Flexbooker, UK Police, De Montfort School, Patreon, Uber, Morgan Stanley, Navistar, American Pool, EU Commission, New York Attorney General, USCellular, RIPTA, McMenimins

Podcast Episode 176 :- Lastpass, T-Mobile, Sega, Colchester Council, Nat-West, Rhode Island, Pulse TV, South Korea, Amazon, US State Incident Reporting, India data rules, Redline Have I Been Pwned

Podcast Episode 175 :- Kronos, Grindr, Gumtree, HMRC, Clearview, Sennheiser, New Zealand, Standard Bank, Chatanooga, Log4j, Blackbaud, Desjardins, Experian, India, Rwanda, Cookiebot, KVKK, UK Government, Childs Rights, IAB TCF, Finland

Podcast Episode 174 :- Spar, Volvo, Cox Communications, South Australia, Fujitsu, Instagram, AI, EU data consultation, Consumer Groups, Data Transfer 123

Podcast Episode 173 :- Ikea, Midlands Partnership, Cabinet Office, Surrey schools, Irish HSE, DDC, CEPEO, Huntington Hospital, Broward County, Planned Parenthood, Ubiquiti, Panasonic, ICO adtech, EU AI Data Sharing, GDPR Enforcement, SEC

Podcast Episode 172 :- GoDaddy, Vestas, Damira, DPC Facebook corruption, Whatsapp, Covid19, Nadra, S and R, Swire Pacific Offshore, GDPR, DPC, CCTV, GDPR certification, EDPB data transfer, UK Cyber Digital Devices

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