What is the GDPR Pick'n'Mix ?

What is the GDPR Pick'n'Mix ?

What is the GDPR Pick'n'Mix?

We recognise that you may already have some procedures in place, and have already had some 'in-house' training.

So the aim of our GDPR Pick'n'Mix is to allow you to pick only the documents you need to complete your set of GDPR Procedures.

The following documents and procedures are available.

To order your documents and procedures please go here.

The price for each document is £97 excluding VAT. If you order 3 or more documents the price per document reduces to £77 per document (excluding VAT).

The documents will be delivered to you in either PDF or for some documents Microsoft Word format and are licenced for use within one company only.
If you have a group of companies who wish to use the documents, please contact us for group licence pricing.

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