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Podcast Episode 211 :- Lastpass, Nato, Plex, Doordash, Desfa, Hamilton Water, Robin Hood, CDCR, Indonesia Telekom, Block Square

Podcast Episode 210 :- Apple, ABI, SEC Equifax, Capital One, Manx Care, Westjet, Twilio Signal, Airtel, Whatcom County Library, Sferra, CPRA

Podcast Episode 209 :- Volkswagen, UK Parliament, Burger King, Wendys, Twilio, ICO25, UK USA, DMA DSA, Amazon, Totalenergies, Dixons, Instagram, EU Commission, Cisco, Malaysia Central Bank, Pixsy, Accusoft, Acorn Financial, ADPPA, NOYB

Podcast Episode 208:- NHS 111, Conservatives, Card Fraud, COE, CJEU, Mayor London, Uni Western Australia, Price Edward Island, Virgin Islands, Avamere, Neopets, Solana Slope, Twitter, First Choice, QuestionPro, Semikron, Gaedke, Slovenia, Criteo

Podcast Episode 207 :- Liverpool City Council, Southern Co-op, Facebook, Bromford, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica 02, Vodafone, Mac, St Lukes Health, BECU, Uber, UK Universities

Podcast Episode 206 :- Neopets, UK Ransomware, Zuckerberg, Twitter, ChromeBooks, St Georges, Russia, Methodist Hospitals, Wikileaks, US Justice, Blue Shield, Williams, Child Abuse, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Perth Festival, T-Mobile, Google

Podcast Episode 205 :- ICO UK Government, Tiktok, Clearview AI Greece, Hotel Quarantine Breach, Deakin University, Windsor University, VCU Health, Alibaba Shanghai Police, EDPB Digital Euro, BDPA Medical Records

Podcast Episode 204 :- Pilton College, NCSC Russia, Ecclesiastical Insurance, Claires Accessories, Marriott Hotels, Chefs Toys, Customer.io, OPM Peraton, Dutch DPA, BPA, Place, Lending Tree, Welldynerx, Shanghai Police, ECJ Austrian PO

Podcast Episode 203 :- Opensea, ICO, DVLA, Russia, Lihuania, Lakeview, Goverment Audit Office HHS, Flagstar, Wegmans, AMD, Thailand PDPA, Google

Podcast Episode 202 :- Japan. Russia, Hybrid Working, Tarmac, Data Reform, Childcare, MGM Hotels, Queensland, Pittsburgh, Data Breach, MCG Health, Trident Care, Location Data

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