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Podcast Episode 179 :- UK Ministry of Justice, Gloucester, Red Cross, Pakistan Telecoms, Bonobos, Moncler, Simplify, Warwick, QRS, GDPR issues 2022, Pennsylvania, DPO, GDPR Survey, CNIL, Brussels Appeal, Employee mailboxes

Podcast Episode 178 :- Google Analytics, Meta Class Action, Meta Childrens Code, European Parliament, Lastpass, Whatsapp, Malta, TikTok, Goodwill, Bunnings, Accelion, Transport for New South Wales, Europol, FCC

Podcast Episode 177 :- Flexbooker, UK Police, De Montfort School, Patreon, Uber, Morgan Stanley, Navistar, American Pool, EU Commission, New York Attorney General, USCellular, RIPTA, McMenimins

Podcast Episode 176 :- Lastpass, T-Mobile, Sega, Colchester Council, Nat-West, Rhode Island, Pulse TV, South Korea, Amazon, US State Incident Reporting, India data rules, Redline Have I Been Pwned

Podcast Episode 175 :- Kronos, Grindr, Gumtree, HMRC, Clearview, Sennheiser, New Zealand, Standard Bank, Chatanooga, Log4j, Blackbaud, Desjardins, Experian, India, Rwanda, Cookiebot, KVKK, UK Government, Childs Rights, IAB TCF, Finland

Podcast Episode 174 :- Spar, Volvo, Cox Communications, South Australia, Fujitsu, Instagram, AI, EU data consultation, Consumer Groups, Data Transfer 123

Podcast Episode 173 :- Ikea, Midlands Partnership, Cabinet Office, Surrey schools, Irish HSE, DDC, CEPEO, Huntington Hospital, Broward County, Planned Parenthood, Ubiquiti, Panasonic, ICO adtech, EU AI Data Sharing, GDPR Enforcement, SEC

Podcast Episode 172 :- GoDaddy, Vestas, Damira, DPC Facebook corruption, Whatsapp, Covid19, Nadra, S and R, Swire Pacific Offshore, GDPR, DPC, CCTV, GDPR certification, EDPB data transfer, UK Cyber Digital Devices

Podcast Episode 171 :- Sky, Stripchat, Department for Education, Dorset Council. South Yorkshire Police, Drizzly Grove, High Court, Belgian Supreme Court, Iranian hackers, FBI, Lake County, Credit Suisse, Utah, Colonial Pipeline, California Pizza Kitchen

Podcast Episode 170 :- Brittany Ferries, Google, Whatsapp, Home working, Cronofy, Robin Hood, Premier Property Lawyers, AI TUC, Tech Etch, Durham, CCPA, Kroger, Titusville, Edmonton, Costco

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