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Podcast Episode 221 :- Royal Mail, Cabinet Office, Bed Bath and Beyond, Vodafone Italia, Data Reform, ECJ, TikTok, New London, Harcourts, Finland, Aveanna, St Lukes Health, Chegg, Russia, Dropbox, Consent, SCC

Podcast Episode 220 :- Interserve, PFS, Bed Bath&Beyond, See Tickets, Bristol Council, Tata Power, Drizly, Small Claims, Ascension, Hoyoverse, Thomson Reuters, Medlab, Laois, Hungarian, Digital Services Act, Microsoft, UK Cybersecurity Charter

Podcasr Episode 219 :- Conservative Party, Ticketmaster, NatWest RBS, Clearview AI, Nelnet, UK Cyber Security, Supply Chain, Mediahaus, California Pizza Kitchen, Estate Agents, Optus, MyDeal, De Minimis, Medibank, ICO Binding Corporate Rules

Podcast Episode 218 :- Queen Elizabeth II finances, East Renfrewshire, NHS Highland, Mormon Church, T-Mobile, 2K, Dialog, City of Tucson, General Electric, Latin America Cyberattacks, Optus, Zoetop, Shein, Europol, Europrivacy

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 217 :- Lloyds of London, Meta, Kremlin, TikTok, UK Home Office, Easylife, Virgin Media, EU Attorney General, UK DCMS, Talbert Home, Detroit, Ruger, Toyota, Uber, PETs, RSA, DPC

Podcast Episode 216 :- UK MOD ICO, Optus, Iran, Canadian Border Agency, Seattle Childrens Hospital, Financial survey, Swiss DPA, US UK Data Access

Podcast Episode 215 :- American Airlines, Revolut, AEPD Google, Cash Express, Uber, Wymondham High, Optus, PSNI, Empress EMS, FBI, Employee Monitoring, CJEU Title, EDPB budget

Podcast Episode 214 :- Uber, FCA DDOS, NATO, Capital One, Cisco, Mid Term Elections, Lastpass, Drones, Uhaul, Cloud, Malaysia, SeeSaw, Brickler and Eckler, Indonesia, Physicians, Keybank, Starbucks, Victoria, Australia

Podcast Episode 213 :- Queen Elizabeth II, NHS Advanced, Go Ahead, TikTok, DPC Instagram, IHG, Albania, Portugal NATO, Uber, IAB CJEU, IRS, Air India, GDPR PIPL

Podcast Episode 212 :- Facebook Cambridge Analytica, Authy, NHS Orkney, Samsung, Evil Corp Conti, Mobile Banking, Afni, Xinai Electronics, Vodafone Idea, Student Loans, Start, Semcorp Marine, Fonvile Morisey, Black Knight, San Francisco 49ers

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