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Podcast Episode 66 - Labour Party Two Data Breach Attempts, Scottish Widows Data Breach, Manchester Mum Denied CCTV By GDPR, Kenya GDPR Equivalent, Austria Brings DPA Into Line With GDPR, Bradford Councillors Unhappy With GDPR, GDPR And Christma

Podcast Episode 65 :- GDPR General Election Advice, Morrisons Appeal in Supreme Court, Trend Micro Data Breach, University of Hertfordshire Data Breach, Facebook Data Breach, First German GDPR Fine Under New Regime, GDPR Endangers Pubwatch

Podcast Episode 64 :- General Election Update, BBC Data Breach, West Berkshire Data Breach, Unicredit Data Breach, Austrian Post Office GDPR Violation Fine, Domain Name Registrar Data Breach, Adobe CC Data Breach, Jesdardins Data Breach, Facebook

Podcast Episode 63 :- Home Group Data Breach, Whistl Launches PAM Solution, German Court Rules on Non-Material Damages, German GDPR Fine Guidelines, Mastercard Data Responsibility Initiative, Met Police Officer Faces Costs After Data Breach

Podcast Episode 62 :- BA Data Breach Update, Southern Health NHS Trust Data Breach, GDPR and Brexit Update, Does CCPA Apply To You, Hudson Bay Finance Ltd Compliance Action, Irish School Operations Impacted by GDPR, Hayes Connor Legal Action Against Equif

Podcast Episode 61 :- Electronic Arts Fifa 20 Data Breach, World of Warcraft Blizzard Data Subject Access Requests, Suspended Prison Sentences for Unauthorised Data Access, Wellington Healthcare Data Breach 1 Million New Zealanders, Norfolk and N

Podcast Episode 60 :- BA High Court Ruling, Bolton NHS Data Breach, Zendesk Data Breach, Appeal Court Rules Against Google, Coventry Council Planning Redaction OverZealous, Facebook Fined by Turkey, CJEU Ruling on Cookie Consent

Podcast Episode 59 :- Tesco Parking App Data Breach, Milton Keynes Medical Records Data Breach, Polish ICO Fines Morele For Data Breach, Dutch ICO Suggests Standard GDPR Penalties, UK Drop In Direct Mail Volume, Instagram Data Breach

Episode 58 :- BA Swerving Responsibility, Isle of Wight Council Tax Data Breach, Wigan Hospital Data Breach, Facebook Suspends Apps Over Data Privacy, Tesla Assures Drivers Over GDPR, Court Ruling On Data Subject Access Requests, Are China and Japan

Podcast Episode 57 :- BA Announce 17 Week Claim Period Following Data Breach, Yves Rocher Data Breach, Dominic Cummings Big Brother, Greater Manchester School Over Zealous GDPR, Max Schrems Battles 8 Tech Giants, When Are Damages Payable Under GDPR

Podcast Episode 56 :- Facebook Data Breach Exposes UK Phone Numbers, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust Data Breach, Monster Recruitment Applicant Data Breach, Google Secret Web Tracking Pages, Privacy Policy Thoughts, Foxit PDF Reader Data Breach

Podcast Episode 55 :- UK Political Party Data Subject Requests, Google Discover iPhone Data Breach, DSK Bank Data Breach, Teletext Holidays Data Breach, GDPR Phishing, Google Fined Re YouTube Children Data, Joint Data Controller Liability, Micros

Podcast Episode 54 :- RBS Kept Quiet on Nat West Data Breach, CNIL Fines Car Insurance Company for Data Breach, New Zealand Government Data Breach, Luscious Data Breach, IAB new GDPR Programmatic Advertising Framework, Facebook Like Button Makes

Podcast Episode 53 :- GDPR and Childrens Data, LAPD Data Breach, ECB Data Breach, Millions of Fingerprints Released in Data Breach, Choice Hotels Data Breach, FBI Arrest Capital One Suspect, Facebook Voice Transcription, ICO Guidance on SAR Compliance

Podcast Episode 52 - West Berkshire Council Data Breach, Bulgaria Data Breach Update, Data Vulnerability in 3Fun Dating App, Air New Zealand Data Breach, Irish ICO Investigating Twitter, Monzo PIN Data Breach, GDPR Easier to Access Others

Podcast Episode 51 :- GDPR UK Home Office Judicial Review, Poshmark Data Breach, Honda Data Breach, India Seeks GDPR Adequacy Status, Pearson Data Breach, French ICO Data Retention Penalties, Are BA and Marriott Penalties Sufficient, Buffer Login

Podcast Episode 50 :- Top 10 and Bottom 10 Countries,Sky Password Change Data Breach,Lancaster University Data Breach,Glasgow City Council Data Breach,Bulgaria Data Breach,New York State New Data Laws,Brexit Dept Reported to ICO,Isle of Man Data

Podcast Episode 49 - Facebook Receives Record 5 Billion Fine, BA Data Breach Compensation Website, Comparison of GDPR Penalties Across Europe, London Estate Agent Fined 80000 for Data Breach, Final Part of Interview with Mark Wellins from 1To

Podcast Episode 48 - BA Faces 183 Million Pound Fine, Marriott Hotels Faces 99 Million Pound Fine, GDPR FInes...Where Does The Money Go, Disparity in GDPR Penalties, Part 3 of our Interview with Mark Wellins 1Touch.io

Podcast Episode 47 - Has Boris Johnson Breached GDPR, End of Term School Reporting to ICO, Irish FA Data Breach, Kings College London Data Breach, UK DPA 2018 Court Case Immigration Rights, Interview with Mark Wellins from 1Touch.io

Podcast Episode 46 :- SNP Data Breach Update, A look at US Laws which are coming into line with GDPR, GDPR Interview with Mark Wellins from 1Touch.io

Podcast Episode 45 - How To Verify Data Subject Identity, Swedish ICO Questions to Spotify, Danish ICO Gets Tough On Data Retention, ICO Report on Programmatic Advertising, Trip Advisor Tightens Passwords, UK ICO Falls Foul of GDPR

Episode 44:- Swedish ICO Investigates Spotify Data Subject Access Requests, Privacy Policies - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Evite Data Breach, La Liga Receives Red Card, Mermaids UK Data Breach

Episode 43:- Marriott Data Breach Update, GDPR Adoption Around the World, Learning From US Medical Data Breaches, Ricoh Theta 360 Data Breach, Embarrasment for Dutch ICO

Episode 42:- Dealing With Physical Paper Documents, Consumer Perceptions of GDPR, Flipboard Major Data Breach, Half of Top 100 EU Websites Still Not Fully GDPR Compliant, University of South Wales Data Breach

Episode 41:- GDPR Happy Birthday 4 Lessons Learned, Ignore Access Requests at Your Peril, GDPR IPSOS MORI Consumer Survey Results, Major Data Breach at Canva, RTB Storm Could Become Tsunami for Google and IAB

Podcast Episode 40 - GDPR and Photographs Gets Serious With Prince Harry and Meghan, Charnwood Borough Council Data Breach, Highland Council Social Services Data Breach, Channel Islands Bus Companies Data Breach

Podcast Episode 39 - HMRC Voice Data Breach Update, Home Office and ICO Clash Over Facial Recognition, SNP Euro Election Data Breach, DVLA May Find 2nd Class Post is More Expensive, Turkish ICO Fines Facebook, Uber Employee Data Requests Coul

Podcast Episode 38 - Episode 38 - Details of training for new local authority councillors, Home Office data breach, HMRC data breach, Ticketmaster High Court action, Irish Post Office says is it all just rubbish?, Man who found data in street now having t

Podcast Episode 37: - Hiscox data security survey, SBXL and its Youtube GDPR headache, GDPR and school photographs, GDPR and local UK elections, Bounty data breach fine

Podcast Episode 36 - ICO Age Appropriate Design Code Consultation, DCMS Data Breach, Telephone Call Recording and GDPR, Potential Perils of Facebook Like Button

Podcast Episode 35 - ICO no employee privacy notice, home office data breaches, gdpr dpo of the year award, gdpr practitioners conference, bristol city council data breach, apple pay and google pay and gdpr

Podcast Episode 34: Good news for local councils, councillors and candidates, results of a charity survey on GDPR awareness, Massachusetts new data breach law and potential implications for UK and EU

Episode 33: Mark Zuckerberg article in Washington Post, Czech Republic adopts GDPR, Dutch ICO issues penalties schedule, Verifications.io massive data breach, Bisnode vs the Polish ICO re address only data

Episode 32 - Another Facebook data breach, BA Call Centre data breach allegation, Data Breach Compliance Report from ICO, To USB or not USB, Two paper based data breaches

Episode 31 - Marriott Hotel data breach update, Kent County Council data breach, GDPR Canada style - a look at PIPEDA, Builder fined for not complying with SAR

Episode 30: Update on GDPR Subject Access Requests, Data Protection Practitioners Conference 2019, Charities and GDPR, Cisco GDPR survey results, Dutch ICO and IAB clash over cookie walls

Podcast Episode 29 - Liverpool school data breach, Irish ICO Annual Report, Facebook Update, Car Dealerships Consent Rates Fall, USA GDPR equivalent laws, Schools GDPR Training, Swedish phone recording data breach

Podcast Episode 28 - Training Update, Labour Party data breach, Airbus data breach, 500px data breach update, Family Voice Peterborough Data Breach, Nest secretly listening, GP surgeries GDPR update

Podcast Episode 27 - 2019 Data Breaches so far, Coinmama data breach, Valentines Day data breaches, Mumsnet data breach, Myfitnesspal data breach, Facebook FTC penalty, 500px data breach, Sensnet CCTV facial recognition data breach

Episode 26: DLA Piper GDPR report, European Top 20 Data Breach countdown, Data Breach Findings, Cisco/Apple request US GDPR, Unipass Maillock review

Episode 25 - Aaron Banks, Brexit and GDPR, B and Q shoplifters oops, Google appeals 50 million euro fine, Facebook update, A look at the right to be forgotten, Portugese Hospital fined 400k Euro

Episode 24 - Norwich City GDPR, Brexit Update, Deliveroo investigation, 50 million euro fine for Google, Austrian Privacy complaint against media streaming companies

Episode 23 - Confusion over Christmas gift returns, USA Today and New York Times in the GDPR era, CCTV and swipe access cards, POPI brings GDPR to South Africa

Episode 22 - Cambridge Analytica Update, Document Retention Periods, ICO Practitioner Awards, 2018 Top Data Breaches, ECJ Ruling, Sheridan Smith, USB Security Update, Right to be Forgotten

Podcast Episode 21 - New Years Honours List, Top 10 passwords 2018, GDPR 2018 review, Marriott Hotels update, GP Requests update, Suffolk Council Data Breaches

Podcast Episode 20 - ICO fines for non-registration, Increase in school data breach reports, GDPR and Dashcam use, Amazon Alexa data breach, GDPR and Everton FC

Podcast Episode 19 - Brexit and GDPR, GDPR and how it affects HR, Facebook Images Data Breach, NHS bans new fax machines, SME survey into effects of GDPR

Episode 18 - Marriott data breach update, GDPR and Brexit, EPIC Games Store and GDPR, GDPR Notes for Pension Trustees, GDPR around the world, Expansion of GDPR for USA data

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 17 - GDPR and corporate Christmas cards, Marriott Hotels data breach, Deloitte survey, GP surgeries survey, Dell Data Breach, Uber fine

Podcast Episode 15 - GDPR WP Plugin Urgent Update, Experian and Equifax ICO investigation, Microsoft Office GDPR concerns, Brexit update

Episode 14 - Aaron Banks/Leave.EU ICO Fine, ICO imposing audits, Survey finds 1 in 5 employees have no GDPR training, Matalan/Pathe UK Twitter Hack, Customer Centric Data Breach

Podcast Episode 13 - Radisson Hotels Data Breach, GDPR and equipment disposal, How Google and Facebook are getting around GDPR and takeout.google.com

Podcast Episode 12 - Morrisons payroll data breach, Cathay Pacific huge data breach, British Airways data breach update, Facebook receives maximum fine, Protect yourself against spear phishing

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 11 - EY/IAPP GDPR Survey results, Morrisons contest data breach penalty, Schedule 7 stop and search and GDPR, Danish data protection agency workload

Podcast Episode 10 - Visa data breach update, GDPR in the Netherlands, Facebook data breach update, Google iPhone data breach court case, Data Protection World Forum

Podcast Episode 9 - Facebook Data Breach Update, Uber Data Breach, Events Update, GDPR in the Supply Chain, Cyber Security Insurance

Podcast Episode 8 - Conservatives Data Breach, Facebook Data Breach, ICO Fines for Non-payment of Registration Fees

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 7 - Google and Mastercard share data, Equifax data breach, Privacy policy checklist, Our Survey Says...

Podcast Episode 6 - Update on British Airways, HR Data Breach at Stena Line, Why GDPR is a whole company issue, Data Location services and Phishing Attacks

Podcast Episode 5 - Major data breach at British Airways, Enforcement notice served on London Borough of Lewisham, an update on marketing to businesses and a human rights challenge

Podcast Episode 4 - GDPR extortion attempt at Superdrug. Exam results free for students. GDPR and HR

Podcast Episode 3 - What do Butlins and the NHS have in common?

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