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Podcast Episode 21 - New Years Honours List, Top 10 passwords 2018, GDPR 2018 review, Marriott Hotels update, GP Requests update, Suffolk Council Data Breaches

Podcast Episode 20 - ICO fines for non-registration, Increase in school data breach reports, GDPR and Dashcam use, Amazon Alexa data breach, GDPR and Everton FC

Podcast Episode 19 - Brexit and GDPR, GDPR and how it affects HR, Facebook Images Data Breach, NHS bans new fax machines, SME survey into effects of GDPR

Episode 18 - Marriott data breach update, GDPR and Brexit, EPIC Games Store and GDPR, GDPR Notes for Pension Trustees, GDPR around the world, Expansion of GDPR for USA data

GDPR Weekly Show Episode 17 - GDPR and corporate Christmas cards, Marriott Hotels data breach, Deloitte survey, GP surgeries survey, Dell Data Breach, Uber fine

Podcast Episode 15 - GDPR WP Plugin Urgent Update, Experian and Equifax ICO investigation, Microsoft Office GDPR concerns, Brexit update

Episode 14 - Aaron Banks/Leave.EU ICO Fine, ICO imposing audits, Survey finds 1 in 5 employees have no GDPR training, Matalan/Pathe UK Twitter Hack, Customer Centric Data Breach

Podcast Episode 13 - Radisson Hotels Data Breach, GDPR and equipment disposal, How Google and Facebook are getting around GDPR and takeout.google.com

Podcast Episode 12 - Morrisons payroll data breach, Cathay Pacific huge data breach, British Airways data breach update, Facebook receives maximum fine, Protect yourself against spear phishing

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