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Podcast Episode 101 :- UK Track and Trace GDPR breach, Update on Irish Covid Tracking app, Teenage hacks Coronavirus database, RBS data breach, Blackbaud data breach, EDPB BCRs guidance note, Garmin ransomware attack, Free VPN data breach, Instacart

Podcast Episode 100 :- EU-US privacy shield struck down, School guidance, Twitter data breach, South East Coast Ambulance data breach, PCIPAL survey, MGM data breach, Singapore data protection, Landmark White data breach, NZ data breach, Live Auctioneers

Podcast Episode 99 :- Covid19 tracking apps, Racial discrimination causing data breaches, AI cameras and Covid19, NHS Orkney, Equifax update, Whitehall data breaches, Clearview AI investigation, Privacy group High Court action, Dutch DPA record fine

Podcast Episode 98 :- Covid19 update, Review of tracing apps, Matt Hancock legal action DPIA, Ransomware GDPR breach, Facebook data breach, ONS cyber crime hotspots, NHS Orkney data breaches, CCPA, California data breach, Garante fines Unicredit

Podcast Episode 97 :- PHE reduces data retention time, GDPR and pubs reopening, Employee temperature checks, Exam script exemption, Billon Group Covid19 Certification, Capital One loses appeal, Apple introduces privacy option, New Zealand data act

Podcast Episode 96 :- UK drops NHS Covid19 tracking app, Coronavirus mass surveillance, Babylon confirm data breach, Google loses GDPR appeal, EDPB UK adequacy warning, Hungarian GDPR penalty, ICO AI Guidance, Just Eat data breach, Wiggle data breach

Podcast Episode 95 :- Sheltered employees returning to work, GDPR implications of redundancy, Belgian DPA rules temperature, Matt Hancock data breach, Dr Poulter data breach, A1 Telekom data breach, Austrian GDPR penalty annulled, Honda data breach

Podcast Episode 94 :- EDPB issues Covid19 GDPR guidance, GDPR and returning to work, Serco data breach, Hairdressers update, Open Banking Covid19 and GDPR, Equifax settlement, Joomla data breach, Amtrak data breach, Change password, San Francisco breach

Podcast Episode 93 :- Covid19 Track and Trace Privacy Notice, Covid19 Digital Health Passport, Getting back to normal, NI Historic Data Breach, EU Parliament Data Breach, Easyjet update, Minted confirm data breach, Mathway confirm data breach, Ca

Podcast Episode 92 :- Easyjet data breach, GDPR not secure enough for Covid19 tracking, Serco data breach, Workforce data breach, HSE data breach, EU Parliament data breach, 190 law firms, DPC action against Whatsapp, ShinyHunters data breach spree

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