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Podcast Episode 71 :- Pharmacist Doorstep Dispensaree Fined For Data Breach, Brechin High School Data Breach, Nest Breach in Data Security, Charity Sector Reports to ICO, Sweaty Betty Data Breach, GDPR and Real Estate, Audio Data Breach at Bank o

Podcast Episode 70 :- 1&1 Fine for Data Security Failure, Facebook Data Breach, Brexit and EU-US Privacy Shield, Third Party Notification, France Considers GDPR Criminal Offences, German GDPR Change Suggestions, GDPR and Christmas Cards

Podcast Episode 69 :- South East Dorset Postal Vote Data Breach, British American Tobacco Data Breach, GDPR and International Arbitration, Access Request Survey Results, Brazil Data Security, Employee Monitoring, EU Privacy Directive Update

Podcast Episode 68 :- Adobe Magento Data Breach, EU Pledges GDPR Style AI Legislation, Polish ICO Penalty Data Consent Violation, Data Retention for Estate Agents, Twitter Deleting Inactive Accounts, GDPR Outside of EU, GDPR and Pension Fund Trus

Podcast Episode 67 :- Facebook Claims Users Knowingly Accept Ads, WhatsApp Penalty Delayed Until Early 2020, Cayman National Bank Data Breach, ICO Programmatic Ad Patience Running Out, Brexit Party Investigated by ICO, Austrian DPIA Whitelist

Podcast Episode 66 - Labour Party Two Data Breach Attempts, Scottish Widows Data Breach, Manchester Mum Denied CCTV By GDPR, Kenya GDPR Equivalent, Austria Brings DPA Into Line With GDPR, Bradford Councillors Unhappy With GDPR, GDPR And Christma

Podcast Episode 65 :- GDPR General Election Advice, Morrisons Appeal in Supreme Court, Trend Micro Data Breach, University of Hertfordshire Data Breach, Facebook Data Breach, First German GDPR Fine Under New Regime, GDPR Endangers Pubwatch

Podcast Episode 64 :- General Election Update, BBC Data Breach, West Berkshire Data Breach, Unicredit Data Breach, Austrian Post Office GDPR Violation Fine, Domain Name Registrar Data Breach, Adobe CC Data Breach, Jesdardins Data Breach, Facebook

Podcast Episode 63 :- Home Group Data Breach, Whistl Launches PAM Solution, German Court Rules on Non-Material Damages, German GDPR Fine Guidelines, Mastercard Data Responsibility Initiative, Met Police Officer Faces Costs After Data Breach

Podcast Episode 62 :- BA Data Breach Update, Southern Health NHS Trust Data Breach, GDPR and Brexit Update, Does CCPA Apply To You, Hudson Bay Finance Ltd Compliance Action, Irish School Operations Impacted by GDPR, Hayes Connor Legal Action Against Equif

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