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Podcast Episode 51 :- GDPR UK Home Office Judicial Review, Poshmark Data Breach, Honda Data Breach, India Seeks GDPR Adequacy Status, Pearson Data Breach, French ICO Data Retention Penalties, Are BA and Marriott Penalties Sufficient, Buffer Login

Podcast Episode 50 :- Top 10 and Bottom 10 Countries,Sky Password Change Data Breach,Lancaster University Data Breach,Glasgow City Council Data Breach,Bulgaria Data Breach,New York State New Data Laws,Brexit Dept Reported to ICO,Isle of Man Data

Podcast Episode 49 - Facebook Receives Record 5 Billion Fine, BA Data Breach Compensation Website, Comparison of GDPR Penalties Across Europe, London Estate Agent Fined 80000 for Data Breach, Final Part of Interview with Mark Wellins from 1To

Podcast Episode 48 - BA Faces 183 Million Pound Fine, Marriott Hotels Faces 99 Million Pound Fine, GDPR FInes...Where Does The Money Go, Disparity in GDPR Penalties, Part 3 of our Interview with Mark Wellins 1Touch.io

Podcast Episode 47 - Has Boris Johnson Breached GDPR, End of Term School Reporting to ICO, Irish FA Data Breach, Kings College London Data Breach, UK DPA 2018 Court Case Immigration Rights, Interview with Mark Wellins from 1Touch.io

Podcast Episode 46 :- SNP Data Breach Update, A look at US Laws which are coming into line with GDPR, GDPR Interview with Mark Wellins from 1Touch.io

Podcast Episode 45 - How To Verify Data Subject Identity, Swedish ICO Questions to Spotify, Danish ICO Gets Tough On Data Retention, ICO Report on Programmatic Advertising, Trip Advisor Tightens Passwords, UK ICO Falls Foul of GDPR

Episode 44:- Swedish ICO Investigates Spotify Data Subject Access Requests, Privacy Policies - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Evite Data Breach, La Liga Receives Red Card, Mermaids UK Data Breach

Episode 43:- Marriott Data Breach Update, GDPR Adoption Around the World, Learning From US Medical Data Breaches, Ricoh Theta 360 Data Breach, Embarrasment for Dutch ICO

Episode 42:- Dealing With Physical Paper Documents, Consumer Perceptions of GDPR, Flipboard Major Data Breach, Half of Top 100 EU Websites Still Not Fully GDPR Compliant, University of South Wales Data Breach

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