• 1:1 Mentoring
    1:1 Mentoring

One to One Mentoring

Our highest level of training, we will work alongside you at every step as you work your way through the implementation of GDPR within your organisation.

After an initial half-day training session, either at our Training Academy in Southampton or on-site at your premises, we will then hold a one-hour live video mentoring call with you every week for ten weeks. We will use these mentoring sessions not just to help you with any queries that may have arisen, but also to work proactively with you to drive GDPR forward within your organisation.

At the end of ten weeks, we will ask you to sit an examination, and if you meet the required pass mark, you will be presented with two certificates, one for your company/organisation and one for you to keep personally. And we give you a cast iron guarantee. If (and it is a very unlikely if) you fail to reach the required pass mark, we will continue to work with you for no additional fee until you do.

We are very proud of our one-to-one mentoring programme, and with our guarantee, you are certain of success (providing you carry out your GDPR implementation in accordance with our instructions).

And with our online support desk always available at https://www.ensurety.co.uk/support, our help is always at hand should you have any queries in between our weekly mentoring sessions.